Expedition 1

May 2019

The Primeiras Segundas Archipelago Environmental Protection Area, is a newly proclaimed area of conservation (2012) of just over 1 000 000 hectares of land and ocean/Islands about which little is known. This expedition was to take a look at underwater conditions there and start a series of data colection and analysis on invertebrates fish breeding grounds (sea-grass areas), corals, diversity, species populations and diversity.

The oceanographic team representing scientists from University of Stockholm Sweden,UFF Brazil and Haiwaii University (National Geographic Society) USA take to the water to examine the lagoons and reefs of Fogo Island (Primeiras Segundas Archipelago Mozambique). Over 9000 images were taken, and an equal amount of data points collected, to present an view of Species counts, habitat and impacts on structures from fishing

Expedition 2

September/October 2019

The Objective of the second expedition was to survey the coastline from San Sebastian Lighthouse to the southern section of the Pomene Nature Reserve south of Barra Falsa in Inhambane, for ANAC, in oder to establish base line data in the form of species counts and descriptions, habitat diversity, logging of all structures, and over 15 000 images to enable a comprehensive review of the area form 10m to 50m depth. This was to support the proposal by ANAC that a Protected Area be established along this coastline. The Expedition was sponsored by HQ2 Charters, NATURA, and AVM Consoltores Lda, and the final review will be ready end February 2020.

The oceanographic team representing scientists from the University Pedigogica, UFF Brazil, and Sao Paulo Brazil examined all the structures in the identified research zone. Over 15 000 data points were collected (including images) to present an view of Species counts, habitat and impacts on structures from fishing. For the first time in Mozambique a Doctoral scientist in Corals was present (Dr Katia Capel) and she is preparing a review and report on the condition and status of coral in the area